Fulfilled Friday: March 11th

Fridays are flying. This has been a great past week; many doors were opened and I’m excited to walk through each of them in turn. My viewpoints in the last few weeks have been rapidly changing and I finally feel like I’m settling into the person I was always meant to be, which is both liberating and daunting. Now that I have a direction, I actually have to move forward!

I hope you are closer to finding your direction today than you ever have been. And I encourage you to face any fears or doubts you have about yourself head on; you are much, much stronger than you think.

And here are the 5! As you look or read through each on, I encourage you to analyze how you feel. Do you agree? Do you disagree? And why? Take a step back and put your emotions about each subject into perspective. It’s the perfect way to learn about yourself. Enjoy and happy Friday!


1. Inherit The Dust by Nick Brandt – I love the ability of photography to capture so many emotions and roll them up into one shot. These photos are especially moving. Artist Nick Brandt has captured the changing landscape of Africa. It’s shocking to see how consumption has driven once lush landscapes to become barren with any natural life. It hits home for anyone who is used to idyllic pictures of the African savanna.

2. The Case of The Vanishing Seals: An Alaskan Island Mystery by John Ryan via Medium – I won’t write too much on this one since the story itself is fairly long. Growing up, we learn that there are consequences to our actions. If you punch someone at school, there will be a repercussion. I’ll let you make your own judgment, but it’s time we start thinking about the consequences of all of our actions, whether we perceive them as negative, positive, or neither.

3. City Guide: San Luis Obispo by Natalie Stone via Darling Magazine – San Luis is one of my favorite cities in the country. The beach vibe in an inland town leads to a laid back feel. The whispering of Eucalyptus trees paired with the warm Spanish architecture can make it seem like all your troubles were lost in a different life. Also, for any women (or men) who are ready to make a change to a more realistic magazine, Darling is a great place to start.

4. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret – I challenge anyone to watch this documentary and not walk away feeling at least slightly changed. At the Oscars this year, Leonardo DiCaprio spoke for the planet in his acceptance speech. But what has Leo actually done for the environment? He funded this documentary, even when other backers were pulling out due to its “controversial subject matter”. It’s a wake up call for anyone who wants to make a difference for the environment and believes that taking shorter showers and driving fuel-efficient cars will do the trick. It’s only 90 minutes, and it’s free on Netflix. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

5. Inside The Florida Jail that Doubles As An Exotic Animal Zoo by Kim Raff – I personally think that the justice system in the United States has innumerable flaws, but I’m always inspired when people use innovative ways to help prisoners rehabilitate. In this case, both animals and men rely on each other to trust again and feel wanted. I believe that if a person feels like they have a purpose, such as taking care of another living being, they are more likely to lead a fulfilled life.

Megan Bierwirth

Hi, I'm Megan! A California girl living the Midwest lifestyle. I'm a writer, an adventurer, a promoter of my inner child and a smiling advocate. I run the blog Femme Fantastique where I encourage everyone to be their happiest selves. Joy can be found every day if we have the courage to see it!

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