Fulfilled Friday: April 15th

This has definitely been a tough week for me. It was the first consistently gorgeous week all year; sunny skies, warm temperatures, spring blooms everywhere. So, of course, I was sick. And not just like persistent cold sick. Like the-worst-flu-I’ve-had-since-I-was-a-child sick. Luckily, I’m through the worst of it and am mostly dealing with headaches and exhaustion. Hopefully I’m at the tail end of it!

Wednesday was the worst day, so bad that it made me realize how possible it was for people to actually die from the flu. It never crossed my mind before, but over 50,000 people die from flu or pneumonia each year in the United States. It’s the 8th leading cause of death in the country. Crazy!

So on that rather sad note, I decided to write a Fulfilled Friday that touched on 5 things I really want to do before I die. Some of them I’m working toward and some of them I haven’t started, but consider this my mini bucket list (though I hope the bucket stays right-side-up for quite a long time). I hope it inspires you to dig deep and create your own list. Enjoy!

1. Become A Yogi – I have this desire to develop a connection with both myself and the world around me. I think I do a pretty good job of recognizing the impacts I have both internally and externally through my daily actions, but sometimes I don’t have the mental strength to not do things I know are bad (hello pistachio gelato).

In the Western World, we think of yoga more as a physical practice with several mental benefits. But yoga itself encompasses so much more than that. Being a yogi means being authentic to yourself and not being defined by anyone, or anything, else. That’s what I want to be. I want to develop an authentic connection between body, soul and earth and use that connection to be the best version of myself.

2. Love Everything – Matt and I remark all the time about how good our life is. Though we aren’t quite in the same stage now, the ability to dictate our own lives has been awesome. It’s something we both strive toward every day. I’m very lucky to be with him and live the life I do.

But life is constantly evolving, our views are changing and our world becomes more complex every day. My goal is to roll with the punches and develop a love for my dynamic life. I want to love where I live, what I do and who I am. Obviously, those are the basics (I know I’m going to love who I’m with no matter what happens in my life), but they lay a great foundation for loving the small things.

3. Fight For A Cause – I have several causes that I’m passionate about: the environment, equality, animal rights. I believe that there is so much I can do to make the world a better place. Everyone can make the world better!

Someday though, I would like to dedicate myself to a certain cause and put up a peaceful fight for it. I have no desire to fight with violence. As I’ve said before, hate begets hate and I’m not about that. But I do want my voice to be heard in the throngs of positive change.

4. Develop A Close Knit Family – I’ve always loved the idea of Sunday evening dinners and holidays where the entire family gets together. When we have kids, we’d like them to be close in age so that they can enjoy life together as they grow. I would like them to develop strong bonds that they carry all the way through their adult years.

I would also like them to be close to their cousins, their aunts and uncles, their grandparents, and friends, both theirs and those of the family. I think having a close knit family group that is supportive and familiar is a great way for everyone in a family to feel wanted and happy.

5. Travel, Travel, Travel – I could make a dedicated bucket list to travel, and you can bet that it would be more than 5 items long. There is so, so much to see in this world and I want to experience as much as I can. I hope to travel for my entire life, with Matthew and kids. I’m excited for all of the adventures we have yet to have.

So for a condensed list, these are 5 places (keeping it very broad and in no particular order) that I’d like to visit:

  1. Vietnam
  2. Patagonia
  3. India
  4. South Africa
  5. Italy


Happy Friday everyone!

Megan Bierwirth

Hi, I'm Megan! A California girl living the Midwest lifestyle. I'm a writer, an adventurer, a promoter of my inner child and a smiling advocate. I run the blog Femme Fantastique where I encourage everyone to be their happiest selves. Joy can be found every day if we have the courage to see it!

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