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Every day I go somewhere new. Sometimes I walk, sometimes I run, sometimes I am.

And that’s me, baby! 
NYCI’m a freelance writer with a background in green living, health, fitness, minimalism and happiness. I hope to have published works in the fiction, health and children’s book genres coming out this year.

Femme Fantastique is made up of me, my incredibly supportive and innovative husband, and anyone willing to put their personal essays or short fiction out there. We are based in Cincinnati, Ohio, a city we are slowly falling in love with. But nothing can replace our passion for the Southern Coast of California (someday!).

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or you can email me directly at meganm dot bierwirth at gmail dot com.

I enjoy writing personal essays based on happiness and my love for the life I live. Sometimes they focus on the current, sometimes the past and sometimes the future. I also have fiction posted under the Stories section of the site.

If you are interested in getting your story out there, or you have a story to tell but you need help finding the words, feel free to email me or reach out to me on social media.

Any products, books or people I review on this site are a reflection of my personal opinion. I have not been sponsored in any way and only post about things I truly believe in.

Why Femme Fantastique?

I believe that everyone is a fantastic being in their own right. Think of the circumstances that had to play out perfectly to bring you into this world. Your parents had to meet, each of their parents had to meet, etc, etc. You had to come into the world at the exact moment you did, you had to be raised exactly the way you were. The chances of you being you today make you completely unique. Completely fantastic.

You should accept that you are a fantastic being and that you can do anything you set your mind to. I know that I am, and I named the site after that thought. Go and find your Fantastique!

Story of My Life

1991 – Born in Visalia, CA

1996 – Became an expert on running around like a horse on my hands and knees. Also wielded an amazing imagination that is the basis for my storytelling today. Also started my 17 year swimming career.

1998 – Got my first cat who became an expert at chasing me while running around on my hands and knees. (Somewhere around this time, I wrote my first “book”. It was ten pages. With pictures.)

2002 – Skipped from the 5th grade to the 6th grade where most of my friends were anyway.

2004 – Learned that going from a class of 19 in middle school to a class of 200 in high school was not easy. Made my first Sectional cut and started traveling the State of California to go to swim meets. Had a wonderful group of swimming friends that I dearly loved.

2005 – Took my first architectural drafting class which I loved. Won two events at our Valley Championships. Those were the only two wins I would see in my high school career.

2007 – Switched from Exeter High to El Diamante High. Again, not easy. Reached a low point in my swimming career and wanted to quit.

2008 – Graduated high school, decided to defer going to college for a year, started at a new swim team, and began my first real job.

2009 – Spent the best part of my swimming career with a wonderful group of people. I’ll always look back with fond memories of that time. Committed to the University of Kentucky. Moved to Lexington and started my college and college swimming life. Quickly realized you can’t major in Architecture and do a sport at the same time.

2010 – Finaled at Southeastern Conference Championships (SECs) in the 200 back. Had to fight to up my scholarship in order to continue going to school in Kentucky. Still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Met my now husband.

2011 – Decided to go into Accounting. Had a terrible SECs and realized I was a sprinter. Went on my first and only “spring break”.

2012 – Had the best swimming year in college so far. Finalled in the 100 free at SECs although it wasn’t enough to get me to NCAAs. Got food poisoning at the last chance meet and missed it there too. Went to the 2012 Olympic Trials in the 50m and 100m free.

2013 – Finished college with a 3.7 GPA, an okay swimming career and a desperate want to be done with the sport. Fought a lot with coaches this year. Spent the summer in SoCal passing my CPA exam. Started my first auditing job in September.

2014 – Went to Europe and got engaged. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Realized I didn’t like my job. Quit in September. Started coaching swimming at Bluegrass Marlins Swim Team. Grew to love those kids.

2015 – Lost a wonderful member of the team. I had never dealt with this kind of loss before. Moved to Cincinnati. Skied and summered in Colorado. Got married in September. Honeymooned in SoCal where we fell in love. Husband surprised me with a New York trip at Christmas. Discovered more of who I am.

2016 – Big things.